Management Information
Systems (MIS)

Way Forward Business Excellence Journey

MIS Assessment areas

Our assessment covering the entire business operation

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Trend
Abridged (For the Month)

Profit & Loss Trend
Abridged (Year To Date)

Profit & Loss Trend
(For the Month)

Profit & Loss Trend
Abridged (Year To Date)

Cashflow Under
Indirect Method (For the Month)

Cashflow Under Indirect
Method (Year To Date)

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss
Statement Insights

Key Performance

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Business Excellence

Business Excellence

Business valuation

Business valuation and
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Our Successful Stories

We help our customers realize their potential

Firefly Pumps Pvt. Ltd.

  • One week 100% Material Availability achieved
  • Cleaning up Creditors balances and reconciliation
  • Product Costing Process, machine hour time set ups
  • Setting up of Internal Financial Controls (IFC)

Axies Engineering Systems

  • Innovation based Entrepreneurship
  • Positive energy converted into synergy which is reflected in brilliance in execution
  • Cohesive work culture, Team bonding
  • Ambition for growth

Mayura Steels

  • Business Excellence Journey Strategy Delivery and Presentation
  • New possibilities and perspectives to look at business processes
  • Business Transformation roadmap